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Ever find yourself unsure of how to parent? Full of doubts and unsure that you are getting this parenting thing right?  


You that situation where you are not quite sure what the best answer is to a child's request...or at a loss for the ideal response to a not-so-desired behavior?

My kids test me all the time! (That is their job, after all!) And I often don't have the tools or strategies to respond immediately and confidently.

They want an extra 15 minutes of screen. They tell me off when they can't have it.

They don't tidy their room or won't stop jumping on the furniture after I've asked 5, 6, 7 times!


Sure, I can manage my calm...but then what?

I have found myself staring blankly into my child's eyes with a complete lack of ideas or strategies on how to respond too many times.

Sometimes I don't fully understand what they really need...


These challenges may feel especially true if you are a mother who wants to step away from old unconscious patterns of parenting, models that didn't leave you feeling empowered as a child or that just don't feel right to you.

  • What do I do to support their growth without crushing their spirit?
  • How do I raise disciplined kiddos without being strict and punitive? 


Enter a parent coach. [ta, ta da!!]

And enter me, who wants to share the best wisdom I received came from my parent coach and my parent coach friends! 


I interviewed two amazing parenting coaches and am sharing their wisdom for your summer listening pleasure.


In a 2-part recorded interview series, you will hear my favorite parent coaches' expertise on discipline, boundaries and so much more!

I talk to my own parenting coach, Sarah Rosensweet, about child development and discipline (and so much more!).


I talk to my friend and neighbour, Meghan Leahy, who also happens to be the Washington Post’s parenting expert and columnist, about boundaries.



These incredibly savvy parenting coaches (and mothers) offer us a real treasure trove of wisdom that will save you unnecessary self-doubt and leave you better equipped and more confident!


And it’s super practical! These interviews are set up so that you can listen or watch them whenever and wherever works for you...during your commute, at the cottage or as you wind down before bed.

So, please join me to up your parenting game and get some free parenting coaching! 

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Enter your details below and access three interviews that will leave you more confident, and with endless parenting strategies!

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