Mom's UP! Retreat

October 27-29 2017

{the ultimate weekend intensive for Moms ready to step UP! into self-love, balance, trust, strength & creativity}




You're a Mama, and you are taking care of everyone, but you!

You feel low energy and rundown a lot of the time.

You are on automatic pilot - bored yet uninspired.

You wonder what happened to the real you - that confident woman who knew herself and who loved her life.

You wonder where the joy is...


Mama, what if one day, you woke up feeling curious and energized about what the day would bring?

What if you felt lighter and energized?

What if you felt self-forgiving, confident, or even self-loving in your choices as a mother?

What would it feel like to start not only loving life again, but loving every step of your joyful motherhood journey?


Just take a moment to imagine...

Our inspiration

We are Alexandra Hughes & Pleasance Silicki and we know that feeling, really good in your motherhood journey is possible.

How do we know?

Because we have been where you are at.

We have experienced the self-doubt, the frustration, the exhaustion, the resentment. We've both found ourselves asking "Is this all there is", or on bad days: "What have I done? What am I doing?". And on the worser days: "I suck. This sucks. I hate it all."

Yet with open hearts and minds, and with the support of yoga and coaching, we have both learned {and developed} "tricks of the Mamahood trade" - tricks and strategies that have helped us to design balanced and joyful motherhood journeys. 

We have taken what we have learned and mothers and professionals to teach hundreds of other women experiencing the challenges of hamster wheel motherhood, to find a way to lift themSELVES UP! through these challenges to a place of balance, joy and self-confidence.


We have taken what we have learned and mothers and professional well-being coaches to teach hundreds of other women experiencing the challenges of hamster wheel motherhood, to find a way to lift themselves UP! through these challenges.

And now we want to save you the time and heartache, and share what we know to be effective and true with you.

We want to lift you UP! to where you belong, Mama.  


The Mom's UP! story

In 2015, we ran a series of workshops designed to help mothers use the challenges of motherhood to empower themselves. We combined coaching yogic exercises to teach mothers how to honor and practice self-love, balance, trust, energetic strength and creativity in their daily lives.

These workshops have now become the foundation for an exclusive 3-day annual retreat which evolved to include meditation, heart centered and body-guided food in the idyllic natural setting at Meadowkirk in Middleburg, Virginia. 

The retreat is a sacred space for mothers to step away from the daily grind, to nourish mind, body and soul, while also committing to personal growth and self-empowerment as mothers and women.  

We will keep the group small and intimate, with a maximum of 12 spaces.

Now is your chance to lift yourSELF up to take a journey that is just for you and {re}connect with the amazing mother and woman that you truly are.

Mom's UP! retreat is an investment in your motherhood experience, in your family relationships, in your health and well-being, and in your quality of life.


What you need to know:

  • It is a 3-day retreat
  • From October 27 to 29, 2017 in Meadowkirk, VA
  • Only 12 spaces available

Registration opens in Spring 2017!

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Mom's UP! thematic workshops:

{self} LOVE

What does your love affair with you look like? Realize the value of caring for yourself. Learn to recognize and celebrate what is wonderful about you.


Trust yourself and the value of your journey so that you can begin to feel more confident in your choices as a mother, a woman. So that you can begin to lean into your intuition and trust yourSELF again. 


Reconnect with what is most important to you and be reminded of what alignment looks like. Realize how to practice balance in your day to day life.

ENERGY {strength}

Be reminded of your inner strength. Tap into your vital energies. And learn how to tap into these with sweet and simple take-home strategies, so that you find the power to manage your energy sustainably, and to be yourSELF with authentic conviction. 

Your weekend will be all about...


holistically healthy meals



What you will take back home with you...


:: energy & vitality!

:: a series of simple, practical take-home relaxation tools &       techniques

:: strategies & inspiration to live motherhood with intention

:: skills to create more quality connections with yourself and those you love

:: a sense of play

:: a creative drive

:: an authentic & confident sense of self as a mother, woman and human being

:: more balanced, conscious & mindful living habits.

Mom's UP! retreat is an investment in your motherhood experience, in your family relationships, in your health and well-being, and in your quality of life.


What you need to know:

  • It is a 3-day retreat
  • From October 28 to 30, 2016 in Meadowkirk, VA
  • Only 12 spaces available

Registration opens in Spring 2017!

Enter your email address below and we will let you know when registration opens!

About Us... Hughes is an entrepreneur, transformational mom coach, writer, mindfulness teacher, eternal life student, mother of 3 and house manager for 5.  

She is founder of In Essence Coaching LLC - a practice dedicated to supporting women in their motherhood journeys. She is also founder of, where her on-line presence specifically supports busy mothers to navigate the messy and stressy motherhood journey, and to find calm in their daily chaos. Her mission is to empower mothers to find their authentic voice and inner strength, facilitating them to create and live lives that are aligned with their values - lives that they LOVE.  

Alexandra has worked with hundreds of mothers from around the world, helping them to find balance, joy and self-empowerment. She hosts a free Clear Mind | Present Mama Challenge for busy mothers suffering from overwhelm, offers on-line Calm Mom Coaching Circles to mothers who lose it just a little too often for comfort, and she works one-on-one with a small group of women through her Mama inJOY Mentorship Program. She runs Mindful Mama Evenings in the Washington D.C. area, and seasonal retreats. 
Prior to becoming a transformative coach for mothers, Alexandra dedicated 18 years of her professional career to social change as an international development researcher and practitioner. She’s lived and worked in Africa, Europe, South and North America, and speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Alexandra loves her coaching projects second only to her mischievous and vivacious children and her loving husband who now (after three international moves!!) live, love and laugh together in Washington D.C.

811Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm , a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, retreats, using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance our daily lives. Lil omm is a community of people who thrive to live well and nourish all the relationships in their lives. Pleasance’s life mission is to inspire communities and create meaningful connections for human beings through yoga, play, meditation, journaling, reflection, laughter, and honest conversations.. 

Pleasance has been a teacher in various forms for more than fifteen years, working in yoga studios, public and private school and University classrooms, and all size workshops and retreats. Her background includes collaborations with other social entrepreneurs and community organizations. 

She has studied yoga, meditation and wellness with phenomenal teachers across the country for more than 12 years. She invests in her own growth and education in all areas of her life and believes this commitment is what truly serves her community. She feels her role as a curious student is what leads to her to the enormous network of resources she provides to her students and is intuitively able to support and guide those around her. 

As co- founder of The National Kids Yoga Conference, Holistic Moms DC, and Septima Clark Public Charter School, Pleasance is an active and empowered creator who engages in meaningful projects that bring people together. She is currently on the board of Tenleytown Main Streets Program and Fitscene, a women’s fitness movement. She has taught at George Mason University and American University and published her first book in April, 2016 called Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease. 

Pleasance currently lives and loves in Washington, DC, with her partner of 18 years and two children, spreading love, magic, and glitter to those around her. You can find her online at


Besides a truly relaxing and invigorating weekend away, the biggest change for me has been putting in morning meditation. This has significantly changed the way my day feels. I found inspiration and technique to finally do this after the retreat. I loved the support and open-heartedness of the group. I loved the structure that allowed true rest, beautiful nourishment, time for reflection, movement and connection. I especially appreciate Pleaseance and Alexandra's gifts in creating space for people to explore authentically and come away with real and practical shifts for our lives. ~ Lisa


I loved having the two of you together, both the movement and the mind work. I felt a little out of the group with only one kid, and being a bit newer to motherhood, but I also really appreciated learning from moms that are more experienced. I really loved our space too. And the food! ~ Danielle Osteen


Is Mom's UP! for me?


The Mom's UP! retreat is for you if:

you find yourself tired of being a Mom some of the time, and run down a lot of the time

you find yourself doubting your choices as a mother, and as a woman

you find yourself questioning who motherhood has turned you into

you find yourself wondering where the joy went


But most of all, this is for you if you are ready to commit to changing this all! 

How long does it take to get to Mom's UP! Retreat?


The Mom's UP! retreat will take place in Meadowkirk - a serene retreat facility situated on 358 acres in Middleburg, VA. It is approximately 1 hours' drive from D.C.

Learn more about Meadowkirk, by clicking here.

I have never done anything like this, is that okay?


YES! This is an inclusive, welcoming open retreat for Mamas of all ages and stages who want to renew, reflect and connect. No yoga or coachee experience is necessary.

What should I bring? How should I prepare?

Don't worry about that now...we will send you a letter closer to the time with all the details and information you need.