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The No Bullshit busy city Mom Coaching Call Series 








Mom's UP! Spring Series is a series of free coaching calls. You can sign up for one, or you can sign up for all. Free, real and fabulously UPlifting! 

We know what life is like as a D.C. Mom!


You’re busy, always on the go with a non stop family schedule.

No time to breathe...

No time to find yourSELF again…

That woman you were before you got swept away into the whirlwind of D.C. motherhood! Where is she?

Where is the joy in these years that are supposed to be made up of sacred memories? Of quality moments?

If any of these questions resonate, you are in the right place.



We - Pleasance Silicki and Alexandra Hughes - are two D.C. area Moms who know all about being Moms on autopilot, because we were in it too long and too deep.

But not anymore!

After many books, courses, coaches and workshops, we both redesigned our lives and ways of BEing to lift ourselves up and off the hamster wheel.

And we are passionate about helping other D.C. Moms to do the same!

We now know that being a Mom doesn’t have to feel stressful and exhausting. 

You can feel light and in love with the experience.



Join us for one or all of our Mom's UP! coaching calls, where we will get honest and real challenges that Mom's face in their daily grind. This is a no bullshit series of conversations where real Moms talk about real life and really practical strategies to help you create family relationships and lives you LOVE and enJOY.

Just leave your name and email in the box below to register. If you can't make the call LIVE, you will get the recording via email (but of course you'll get more out of it if you're there!)"



An honest conversation about realistic guilt-free self-care for busy mothers. March 13 @ noon EST.


Let's get real about what balance means to real (and super busy) Moms who want more out of motherhood (and life!). April 10 @ noon EST.


Suffering from Super Mom Do-It-All Syndrome? Join us to get your annual booster and cure. May 8th @ noon EST.

About Alex & Pleasance Hughes is an entrepreneur, mom coach, writer, mindfulness teacher, eternal life student, mother of 3 and house manager for 5.

She is founder of, where she helps busy mothers to navigate the messy and stressy motherhood journey, and to find calm in their daily chaos.

Alexandra has worked with hundreds of mothers from around the world, helping them to find balance, joy and self-empowerment. She hosts a free Clear Mind | Present Mama Challenge for busy mothers suffering from overwhelm and runs her Calm Mom Coaching Circles to mothers who "lose it" just a little too often for comfort.
In a previous life Alexandra worked as in international development. She’s lived and worked in Africa, Europe, South and North America, and speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
Alexandra, her mischievous and vivacious children and her loving husband now love and laugh together in Washington D.C.

811Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm - a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, retreats, using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance our daily lives. Lil omm is a community of people who thrive to live well and nourish all the relationships in their lives. Pleasance’s life mission is to inspire communities and create meaningful connections for human beings through yoga, play, meditation, journaling, reflection, laughter, and honest conversations.

As co- founder of The National Kids Yoga Conference, Holistic Moms DC, and Septima Clark Public Charter School, Pleasance is an active and empowered creator who engages in meaningful projects that bring people together. She is currently on the board of Tenleytown Main Streets Program and Fitscene, a women’s fitness movement. She has taught at George Mason University and American University and published her first book in April, 2016 called Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease.

Pleasance currently lives and loves in Washington, DC, with her husband and two children, spreading love, magic, and glitter to those around her. You can find her online at