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"Ditch Stress & Be Merry"

If you're a Mom with a long to do list, get's about to triple!

Welcome, dearest, to the Holiday Season!

A glorious time of year when you find yourself unconsciously stepping onto a spinning hamster wheel that is about to go into hyper overdrive.

As the holidays swiftly land upon us, many mothers look at the month ahead with doom in their eyes.

Have you ever experienced the holidays as a stressful period where your list of ‘to do’s’ gets longer, your children more excited, your partner more anxious (as your visa bill grows, bank account dwindles and family descends upon your home), your house more cluttered and, inevitably, the shadows under your eyes darker?

Well after many failed efforts at duplicating Disney-inspired greeting card holiday cheer, I woke up and smelled the eggnog!

It was on that luminous day that I designed a holiday prep system that helped me to create a stress-free, value-aligned simplified, slowed-down, fun-filled, relaxed (did you get that? I said relaxed!) winter holiday break.


Sign up for this workshop where I will walk you through this Holiday Prep System if you are a Mom who...

...has, and will continue to "hold the fort" single-handedly over the holiday season and beyond?, gives and gives some more (to everyone else except you)?
...will feel dazed and confused over much of December, yet will forsake that nap so the last little gift gets wrapped and the last card gets perfectly written?
...leaves December more exhausted than you walked into it?

If this sounds familiar and you are ready for an easier and more self-loving holiday season, then please join to my third annual complimentary group coaching call where a group of like-minded Moms learn to break the mold and make the holidays our own.

During this workshop I will coach you through my simple holiday prep system.

What will you get out of the group coaching call?

I will walk you through 3 steps that will guarantee sweet & simple holidays personalized to you and your family's values and lifestyle.

You will learn to:

Step 1.

Connect with your values & priorities.


Step 2.

Say YES to these and let go of the rest.

Step 3.

Plan & Organize your December mindfully


You will walk away prepared and committed to enjoy | to relax | to connect with yourSELF, your VALUES and those you LOVE authentically and with ease during this time of year.

My name is Alexandra Hughes

about-bannerI am Mama to three strong-personality kids and wife to an ever-travelling husband.

I am founder of, and an accredited and experienced life coach who is passionate about helping mothers find calm and joy in the daily chaos of their messy, stressy motherhood journeys.

I am also a recovering type-A control freak. Aiming for perfection, ticking the boxes and getting stressed-out when things don't go right was my way. I suffered from shoulditis and perfectionism just like you do.

This is no more true than during the holiday season.


Receive our FREE 90 minute on-line coaching workshop designed to help busy Moms

"Ditch Stress & Be Merry"