Is motherhood turning you into a crazy woman (...who you barely recognize)?

 •  Is your temper getting the best of you?

•  Are doubt, frustration and regret taking over? 

•  Do you go to bed feeling guilty?

•  Do you feel like you are not enough?

•  Do you wish you could enjoy your kids, but just don't know how?

Guess what? you're in the right place...because being a mother doesn't need to feel so freakin' hard.

You love your kids. We know that.

But how are you actually showing up as a Mama?


Tired? Distracted?

Frustrated? Easily Irritated?

Short on Patience?


Being a mother has turned out to be the most difficult job you’ve ever had.

The chaos. The mess. The stress. The anxiety.

Motherhood is stressing you out.
You know that you are letting the "small stuff" get to you.
The spilt milk. The muddy shoes. The sibling squabbles.

You've turned into a hot head Mama.
Maybe you yell, you rage or cry?  Or maybe you let it all ferment inside.
Either way, ugly emotions are taking over.

A lot of the time you don’t recognize yourself.
And you don't like that person you don't recognize!
And worst of all, you feel guilty.

You wish you could enjoy your children, but you don't know how.

You feel alone.  And maybe a bit out of control.

What if  family life included more dance parties?

♥  What if  you could laugh like you used to?

♥  What if  your children could see who you really are instead of seeing the stressed out version of you?

♥  What if you actually enjoyed your children?

♥  What if  you didn't feel guilty or worried you were screwing them up?

♥  What if  you knew you were enough? And you looked to yourself with kinder eyes?

So many what ifs...

We are about to turn these what ifs into reality.

Hey! My name is Alexandra and I'm a recovering control freak hot-head stressed-out Mama.

Nice to meet you.

I went from a yeller freak out parent to a calm responder who, after 8 years of trial and error has figured out how to respond calmly and be in the moment with my kids (most of the time).

Based on this personal experience as a mother of three, decades of coaching and mindfulness training and experience, I designed a 6-week on-line program to help stressed out Mamas respond to life's many challenges in a calm and more conscious way.

My 6-week 6-step Calm Mom system has worked for me and for over 50 women who have joined the Calm Mom Project. It has transformed relationships between mother and child (and between parents too!)


The Calm Mom Project



As busy well-meaning mothers we find ourselves overwhelmed in a whirlwind of demands and never-ending to-do’s. Busy-ness and stress feeds feelings of frustration, guilt and self-doubt. It can affect our self-esteem and relationships with those we love, as ugly, unrecognizable parts of us start to dominate our personality and negatively influence our perspective on life.

The Calm Mom Project is an on-line program designed for busy Moms who suffer from overwhelm and stress. It is for mothers who are ready to dive deep into self-awareness to learn and practice personalized tools that will help them manage these challenges from a mindful and heart-centered place.

Join the Project and become part of a community of honest & supportive Moms who are ready to “get real” about motherhood, while working towards calmer & more joyful living. It is for those wanting to commit to transforming themselves and their relationships with those they love.

And it is a welcoming and supportive space for all Moms – working Moms, stay-at-home Moms, Moms with children of all ages.  

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"Before I joined the Calm Mom Coaching Circle I would go through the days feeling my impatience growing, eventually exploding into a horrible hot head moment...

And afterwords, I'd feel that awful feeling of guilt. Sure, I was very happy with motherhood but I questioned why and how I got to these hot head moments and I yearned for a different reaction. After joining the Circle I was able to stop these hot head moments and to deal with the situations in a calmer way. I feel I have grown - I don't make my life or my child's miserable anymore. I would tell ALL mothers to join this Circle as a self discovery journey. Yes, I’d recommend it to all moms!"
                                       ~ Maria Jimena, Mother to 2 very little boys, Senior Account Executive, Bethesda, MD.

Your Calm Mom Shortcuts..

Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

Shortcut No. 01

Momstress: What is it? And how the F&*! to avoid it!

  • Learn about Momstress, how it manifests in your body and where it comes from
  • Take-away a proven quick & easy long-lasting strategy to help you to prevent Hot Head Momstress Explosions
Beautiful woman doing yoga in an amazing natural place

Shortcut No. 04

Managing the madness: How to take advantage of mindfulness on demand

  • The basics (but all you really need to know) about mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • Learn how to turn these learnings into practice (without freaking out about an extra to do)


Shortcut No. 02

Stressy saboteurs: How to stop yelling like a crazy person

  • Identify the gremlin persona that takes over when you stress out (a.k.a. your Stressy Saboteur)
  • Learn the first critical step in stopping the stressed out self-talk that fuels your hothead mother reactions 
Family. Beautiful mother and her cute daughter

Shortcut No. 5

Redesign your life:  How to eliminate stress and create joy in your life

  • Define what your ideal Calm, Confident, Joyful Mom Life is going to look like

  • Connect with (and strengthen) the beautiful, resilient, amazing, strong YOU that you want to guide your choices


Shortcut No. 03

Self-lovin: How to neutralise the guilt-laden self-talk, FAST

  • Fall in love with your whole self again - the good, the bad and the ugly 
  • Learn how to neutralize the guilt-laden self-talk and become your own best friend
Mixed race woman stretching her arms out in a pose of freedom in a green park setting

Shortcut No. 06

Celebrate you, girlfriend:  How to dance party your way into your calm, authentic self

  • Integrate and consolidate your Calm Mom tools and strategies into your daily life 
  • Review, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate!

Yes, your hand will be held in many ways...

Weekly audio lesson (approx. 30 minutes)

Weekly #momhacks (your homeplay)

Weekly coaching support ( FB Live or Face-to-Face)

24/7 Community Support (Exclusive Membership)

Registration is closed.

Please enter your name below and we will email you when the program opens again!

"I would recommend Alex to anyone who feels overwhelmed by life right now...

The biggest problems I faced before I entered the coaching circle were feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all I felt I HAD to do and not feeling I was in the right space to appreciate my life and family. I also felt I was missing out on precious time with my son for fun and growth. After working with Alex, a clear vision of the woman and mother I want to be was uncovered. Alex not only helped bring this vision to light, she worked with me to develop the concrete steps to make it all a reality. Alex helped me to look at myself with kinder eyes, to give up the things that don't matter (like perfection!) and to start focusing on what I can do to be happy." 
                                                                           ~ Sara, Mother & Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Washington, D.C.
Mom with her 2 years old child cooking holiday pie in the kitchen to Mothers day, casual lifestyle photo series in real life interior

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will feel...

:: more of that after-yoga glow in your day-to-day life (and relationships!)

:: more energized & positive, much thanks to a new and improved personalized do-able self-care regime that we will design together

:: more headspace & mind clarity to help you stay in alignment with your values & sense of purpose 

:: a more abundant sense of time in your full (and fulfilling) schedule

:: a deepened sense of self-understanding that will lead to less self-doubt, improved & self-acceptance

:: more self-love & a sense of unconditional support

:: more present & in-the-moment with those you love 

:: more confident & connected to your essence


What you will take away from the Calm Mom Project...

:: a series of simple, practical take-home relaxation tools to help you prevent hot head Mom moments

:: personalized stress & anger management strategies to help you in your hot head Mom moments

:: mindfulness & heightened emotional intelligence techniques to help you support calmer responses and manage your hot head Mom moments from a heart-centred place

:: skills to create more quality connections with those you love, to help you set the foundations for a more cooperative and peaceful family dynamic

:: life-long membership to a supportive community of like-minded Moms who are honest, real and there to hold your hand.

Young mother with her 2 years old little son dressed in pajamas are relaxing and playing in the bed at the weekend together, lazy morning, warm and cozy scene. Pastel colors, selective focus, top view.

"Before joining the Calm Mom Coaching Circle, my biggest challenge was around how to handle hot head moments...

I had difficulty exercising positive discipline calmly and from a place where I trusted that “all will work out” and that this behaviour is ok and part of growth. I believed that my ability to raise emotionally intelligent kids would be undercut by the difficulties I have sitting with their difficult emotions.

The Calm Mom Coaching Circle journey is a really powerful experience! It was incredibly personable - a superb balance of education and reflection. The live online gatherings were phenomenal, giving everyone in the Circle time to share profound insights. By being a part of the Circle, I became more mindful in my approach to the girls and more gentle with myself. I became capable and confident in my ability to model my own emotional regulation tools and techniques at home."

                                                                        ~ Lindsay, Mother of 2, International Leadership Development Trainer, Washington D.C.

One Year 100% Risk Free Karma Friendly Guarantee

I stand behind everything I offer you 100%! So I’m gonna take on all the risk. If you fully participate in the Calm Mom Project and do not see results, then you can request a refund within the first 365 days.

Your End:

Fully engage in the program for the first 45 days, including:

  1. Listening to the 6 audio lessons and engaging in the live Q&A/ coaching events;
  2. Complete & share all momhack homeplay;
  3. Interact on the Members-Only Calm Mom Facebook Group, for  feedback, including comments and questions in each shortcut.

If you’re not completely happy with the program and don't see results within one year, contact me directly ( within one year of the program start date, and we’ll refund your money back. 


 My End:

I’ll issue you a refund. Obviously, it’s a big risk for me! But I’m committed to doing what it takes to help you overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from being the calm and confident Mama you want to be (and truly are, deep down inside)!

I'm not going to make you jump through fire to get a refund, but I need to know that you've done the work. So, yes, sweet Mama, I am going to ask you to share your completed homework from all shortcuts before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then honestly I didn’t do my job! And I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Registration is closed.

Please enter your name below and we will email you when the program opens again!


Here's a bit about me...

My name is Alexandra Hughes. Pre-children, I traveled the world, learned 4 languages and was nicely climbing up my professional trajectory.

I was a self-made woman on a mission to stay strong, accomplished and succeed. I was organized, did power yoga and considered myself a together-kind-of-person and pretty chilled out.

The thing is...I learned 4 languages and became cross-culturally sensitive, but never learned how to effectively speak or navigate baby land or toddler world. 

In fact, when motherhood came, it chewed me up, swallowed me whole and then spit me out as some new unrecognisable, mad, crazy, woman.

In the beginning I didn’t really think much would change, so I kept living at full speed.

High stress became the flavour of the day.

The weight of responsibility for young lives, my lack of freedom, my ever confused identity, my altered relationship with the man I loved, the isolation from friends and social events that had been such an active part of my life – these drove me to the brink of insanity.

It was the confusion, the exhaustion, the frustration, the resentment, the overwhelm of it all.

And the guilt of not getting it right. (Oh the guilt!)

Today my experience and research tell me that these are all feelings shared by mothers around the world.

The myth. The romantic myth that motherhood is blissful.

It did not take very long for that myth to come crashing down on my sanity and self-confidence – both as a stay-at-home Mom and as a working Mom.

As a stay-at-home Mom I questioned who I was and I regretted my financial dependence. (What of my commitment to feminism and all those working Moms out there?)

I missed adults and their rational, reliable world. My brain was melting and my beautiful wardrobe gathering dust.

Worst of all, I hated feeling busy all the time, constantly asking myself: “but what are you actually doing?” I yearned to feel accomplished, to have something, anything, in my realm of control.

So I went back to work. It would be better that way. The financial burden would lessen. My mind would be challenged. I’d have adults to talk to. I’d come home happy and fulfilled. I'd yell less.

But here’s what actually happened when I went back to work:

Life became a guilt-plagued balancing act. A box ticking repetitive groundhog day. Every day. Rush.

Get the kids ready. Get myself ready (sort of). Drop them off. Go to work. Leave work. Pick the kids up. Get the kids down. Finish work. Drop dead for the night. Start all over again.

So as both a stay-at-home Mom and as a working Mom, I was miserable, stressed, overwhelmed and completely disconnected from myself and my family.

Interactions with those I loved were anything but calm, because I'd lost my cool (myself!) along the way.

All the "small stuff" (which really represented bigger stuff) was getting to me and I was losing it.

My poor kids!

So when baby number three made his appearance he brought along with him a moment of awakening.

Maternity leave with baby number three shone a mirror on what I had become.

My high-strung-hamster-wheel-guilt-plagued lifestyle was getting in the way of the most important moments and relationships in my life.

My reactions to life’s Mom-stress were explosive and my connections with those I loved, unhealthy.

I had turned into a hot head monster Mom.

And, not only was I modelling crap emotional intelligence...

But my kids were getting to know this crazy woman who I didn't even recognize as their Mama.

These were moments I would never get back.

So I stopped.

I relearned motherhood.


I learned to stay calm and enjoy the ride. Since then I’ve retrained as a professional life coach and have worked with dozens of mothers from around the world to help them do the same – find calm and joyful living.

Because the truth is:

  • You know that these moments of motherhood will fly by
  • You know if you keep on this same path, you will have regrets (and they suck)
  • You know what is most important to you right now.

And now you know what you can do about it.

Please, please, please...if any of this resonates it's time to do something about it...


Here's how it works:

Over the course of our 6-weeks together...


Mondays you will receive your weekly shortcut email. In each of these emails, you will find a link that gives you access to two key elements of this program that will walk you through your Calm Mom journey:

  1. Your shortcut audio lesson (lessons vary from 30 - 60 minutes in length).
  2. Your shortcut #momhack (a pdf). This is where your personal work begins. Assignments vary – some are easily integrated into your busy days as a type of practice, and others require a focused time of approximately 45 minutes.


Wednesdays (noon EST) you will have access to our Facebook LIVE  Q&A session. This is where I will review the week's shortcut and answer any questions that you may have. This is your opportunity to ask any questions and get some personalized e-coaching! If you cannot make the Live Q&A, no worries, it will be recorded and accessible in our Private Facebook group.

Hand woman writing notebook and holding cup coffee on wood table.

All Mamas will gain membership to the gorgeous Calm Mom Facebook group (Private) where bonus resources will be posted, and where I will check in daily to hold your hand and support you.

"I believe and know more than ever that now is the embrace yourself to hold yourself gently.  

Alex provided tools and strategies to the moms in our Coaching Circle that made us better mothers. I could see and feel the transformation within our community of mothers who were all at different stages of our mothering and lives! We moved toward greater clarity and most of all, we all became present mothers in the lives of our children by caring for ourselves. I want other moms out there to benefit from Alex's wisdom, support and guidance - all in moving towards living a life of authenticity." 

~ Josephine Chung, Mother of 2, Parenting Coach, St. Paul, MN


Will I get any live access to Alex? Will I get any individual coaching along the way?

Yes! Absolutely! All Calm Mom Project participants will have access to Alex live during her Facebook Live Q&A Events. Participants will be invited to ask questions before and/ or during the event so that all their queries can be address in this forum. Additionally, on a daily basis, Alex will also respond to any doubts, queries, set-backs in our private Calm Mom Facebook group.

Am I a good fit for the Calm Mom Project?

The Calm Mom Project is a super fit for Moms who:

  • know that stress is getting in the way of being (and behaving like) who they really are

  • know that stress, the feelings and reactions they bring up are negatively impacting their family relationships and the way their children learn to manage their own feelings.
  • are ready to look inwards and do the transformative work to understand their deep lying stress triggers
  • are ready to take responsibility for their own emotional intelligence
  • believe that the best way to teach their child is through modelling i.e., monkey see, monkey do are ready to integrate more balanced, conscious, self-loving  and mindful living habits into their lives want to share a journey towards more calm and joy with other like-minded mothers.

When does the Calm Mom Project begin, and what exactly does it involve?

The Calm Mom Project begins on Monday May 1st when you will receive your first CMP Email - Module 1 - in your inbox. You will receive weekly emails for 5 consecutive Mondays after that - May 8, 15, 22, 26 and June 5.

Each email will include an audio lesson. Lessons will support both a deepened self-awareness and the development of personalised tools and strategies to help you manage all of life’s challenges from calmer, more mindful and heart-centered place.

Your weekly lessons will each be complemented by reflective assignments (your #momhack homeplay)  that will take you one step closer to managing your own Momstress, growing your self-awareness and self-confidence as a mother (and woman).

All participants will have access to the Calm Mom Project Closed Facebook Group and live weekly Q&As.

I'm so super busy already! How am I going to find the time to do this? And how much time will this take, anyway?

I totally get how busy you are and how adding one more project to the list feels near impossible!

A whole bunch of thought has been put into making this as Mama-friendly as possible. Having said that, it is important that you see this program as a serious commitment and investment that deserves your precious energy and time.

As with anything, the more you give, the more you get. It is an investment that will pay off with more quality time for yourself and with your loved ones.

Improved relationships (and well-being) all around! It is also an amazing place to meet like-minded supported Mamas who really get where you are at.

Each module is between 30 and 60 minutes long. Assignments vary – some are easily integrated you’re your busy days as a type of practice, and others require a focused time of approximately 45 minutes. In general, I would set aside 2 hours each week as a minimum, not including Facebook conversations or live FB Q&A events.

Attendance?! Do I need to be present for all the live Calm Mom Coaching Circle gatherings on Wednesdays/ Fridays? Are the assignments ones I need to do with my children/ family? I may be travelling for some of the time and don’t want to miss out.

While you will benefit most by being present for the FB Live Q&A these will be recorded so that you can access them after the fact, or you can replay them to jog your memory or be reinspired!

Some of the assignments are observation or practice-based. In other words, yes, it is best that you are sharing time and space with your family.

How long is registration open for The Calm Mom Project

I know how busy you are so I keep registration open as long as possible. It will remain open until first day of the program - Monday May 1.

peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


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