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Ready to ditch overwhelm and step into 2018 organized and with intention, Mama?

  • Have you ever found yourself freaked out as you negotiate one tantruming child into the bath, helping another with homework, and begging the plumber to come fix the kitchen drain ASAP - all at the same time?
  • Or maybe you have found yourself carpooling your child (and their team mate) to soccer practice, only to realize the practice ended 23 hours earlier and was at a different field in a neighborhood on the other side of town! (Yes, this has happened to me!)
  • Maybe you hear yourself wishing that the world would slow down and stop so you could get off. To breathe. For just 3 minutes.
  • Better yet, you’ve actually taken it upon yourself to do just that. To Breathe. Alone. In the closet. 

These, Mama, are all signs of overwhelm and momstress.

If any of the above has happened to you and you dream of being freed up to breath, to stop yelling and to spend quality time with those you love, then I have something to help you get out of that closet and face the marvellous (albeit chaotic) music of motherhood with clear intention.


The {free} Stress Less | Love More Challenge is designed for busy, overwhelmed mothers looking for quality living.

You'll organize your mind, your calendar and your life in a way that creates time and space for who and what you love.

And most importantly, you'll get excited about being a busy Mom (and living life just a little bit more!) as you kiss overwhelm and mind-is-fullness goodbye, arrivederci, hasta la vista baby! 


Worried you won't have time?

It's easy to participate, and it takes only 15 minutes a day:

Starting January 22nd you'll get a short audio & assignment delivered to your inbox each day, for 5 days.

Listen to the audio & take a few sweet "me" moments to follow-through.

Questions, doubts or a desire to be held accountable? Join our private Stress Less | Love More Facebook group. I will be there along with over 700 other non-judgey like-minded Mamas, to hold your hand every step of the way.

You'll love how just 15 minutes each day can help you to love motherhood AND LIFE all over again!

In less than one week, the Stress Less | Love More Challenge will teach you to:

:: make your to-do list work for YOU (vs. weigh you down)

:: clear and organize your mind (and keep it this way!)

:: prioritize and align your actions with your values (because this is what you want to model to your children)

:: define, set-up and honor your beautiful boundaries

These strategies and techniques are specifically designed to ensure that you don’t miss out on motherhood’s precious moments. That you reconnect with who you are and start loving life again.

My name is Alexandra Hughes

about-bannerI am Mama to three strong-personality kids and wife to an ever-travelling husband.

I am founder of, and an accredited and experienced Life Coach who is passionate about helping other mothers find calm and joy in the daily chaos of their messy, stressy motherhood journeys.

I am also a recovering type-A control freak. Aiming for perfection, ticking the boxes and getting stressed-out when things don't go right was my way. I suffered from shoulditis and perfectionism just like you do.

Being the relaxed, go-with-the-flow Mama did not come naturally to me.

It's taken me nearly one decade to find my own way to calm, joyful mothering.

And while I have had loads of fun testing out all my Stress Less | Love More coaching tips, tools and strategies personally, I want to save you the time, trials and tribulations.

I know that being a busy Mom ain't easy!

If you're anything like I was...

::  You might feel buried under ever-growing to do list that haunts you

::  Your mind might feel cluttered and scattered at the same time

::  You might find it difficult to focus on the here and now

::  Maybe you worry that your overwhelm is getting in the way of precious cuddle time.

If you can give yourself just 15 minutes a day to listen to the Stress Less | Love More audio lesson and complete the short assignment, you'll be amazed at your personal mother transformation in just 5 days.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with a few different life coaches and Alex is absolutely one of the best. She is caring and thoughtful, compassionate and smart. But the best thing about Alex is that she is always a mom first. Being a mother herself, Alex understands what moms need — support, understanding, someone to acknowledge their hard work and someone to give them tools they can use to grow and evolve as mothers, women, partners and people. For a long time i had been feeling “stuck” — in my habits, in my thought patterns, in my emotions — and Alex helped me break through the stagnation and shift my perspective to one of acceptance and gratitude.“

Vanessa, mother of 2 & Marketing Director

“I worked with Alex and quickly discovered her brilliance and coaching talent.  Not only does she listen well and zero in on the heart of a matter with laser-like precision, but she has an ability to guide her clients in a positive, fun-filled, and passionate way that makes speaking with her a delight.  Alex helped me design a daily intention that i still use to get my head on straight in the mornings.  Through her wise and intuitive coaching, she helped me recognize a problem that had been bothering me for a long time but that i hadn’t been able to articulate.  I would highly recommend Alex's coaching to any frazzled mama who seeks more calm and peace in her life.”

Lori, mother of 2, founder of mindful return & Director, Hospital & GME Payment Policies, AAMC

“Alexandra is a great coach! She has a powerful and very warm presence, and created a safe inviting space for me to share my thoughts and feelings. Based on trust and connection, she challenged me to clarify my thoughts and define my actions to become more balanced, and to experience freedom and flexibility around being a mom, wife, and woman in the process of building a business.Self care balanced with family and work, positivity and finding my own essence were one of the major goals she helped me achieve.I truly recommend Alexandra and can’t thank her enough.”

Sandra S., mother of 2 & founder of joyful growth Coaching

“I went to Alex not knowing what to expect. What I received I was not expecting. I began our sessions feeling very nervous, with a secret desire of what I wanted but was always too shy/lacking in confidence to admit it to anyone – but Alex made me shift my thoughts in order to see things totally differently and now I feel free of all those feelings which were holding me back.It’s still a work in progress but it’s definitely in progress, and it has been a powerful process.The sessions have been emotional, joyful and monumentally uplifting and empowering. I always, without fail, leave our sessions feeling ready to tackle everything head on and knowing what I need to do and what I need to focus on to get there. Alex is very intuitive and sensitive as to what works and resonates with you. I am excited about mine and my families future once more. Alex has a beautiful gift as a life coach and you can see her genuine joy and excitement at watching her clients grow.Being a mum, Alex understands the sudden changes that life with children can bring which means she is flexible with what, when and how the sessions are.It has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I feel thankful that I met Alex at a time when I was ready to make changes and move forward but with no idea how to do it. She has facilitated that with a natural ease and comforting calm. If I hadn’t met Alex I would still be lost.”

Madelaine S.,  mother of 3, Designer and Artistic Genius

“I just realized while writing this testimonial how much I have learned through the coaching process, and how much I have been empowered. On the one hand, it made me believe in myself, in my capacity and determination and most importantly on my own goodness.

On the other hand, it has changed my perspective. There has been a shift from looking inwards and judging myself towards look outside into the problem with a neutral, honest and practical gaze.

During the coaching process I felt free and accompanied: free to say what I felt without shame or expectations, accompanied to stay calm and without pain, to be reassured and reinforced in my beliefs, feelings and decisions.

The empathy and confidence I felt with the coach – her expertise and humanity – has been the most important asset of this encouraging and rewarding process.”

Silvia J., mother of 2, Development Economist

“Alex is an amazingly intuitive, compassionate and insightful person and life coach. If you’re looking at this page and considering life coaching, I would thoroughly recommend in essence as a transformative experience. Alex is, as I have said above, very natural and intuitive in her ability to objectively hear, distill and repeat back to the client their own sometimes jumbled thoughts. She very skilfully helps me to bring clarity to my own plans and thought processes, enabling me to let go of habits that are not necessary. I must admit that life coaching is not something I would have sought had these sessions not arisen, but my sessions with Alex have been so powerful and her support so wholehearted, constructive and helpful that I have recommended her and the process to many of my friends."

Leonie T., mother of 3, Yoga & mindfulness teacher

The Stress Less | Love More Challenge starts on January 22nd!

©  Alexandra Hughes, In Essence Coaching LLC 2016. All Rights Reserved.